Welcome to the Buhlmann Group!

Our group is interested in the use of molecular recognition for chemical sensing. On one hand, we develop chemical sensors for clinical and environmental applications. Our research focuses on new receptors that bind analytes of interest with high selectivity, novel strategies to obtain very low detection limits, and perfluoropolymers that permit long-term monitoring and eventually the implantation into the human body. On the other hand, we chemically modify metal and carbon nanotube tips, and use them in scanning tunneling microscopy for chemically selective imaging with molecular resolution.

Recent Publications

Troudt, B. K.; Vue, J. W., Bühlmann, P. Comparison of the Kinetics of Aldehyde Sensing by Covalent Bond Formation with Hydrazines and Hydroxylamines, Tetrahedron 2022,119, 132852. Full text 

Hu, J.; Buhlmann, P.; Stein, A.; Zhen, X. “Electrochemical Sensors with a Chemically Attached Molecular Redox Buffer”, US 11,307, 165 B2, patent issued April 19, 2022 

Hydrogels Doped With Redox Buffers as Transducers for Ion-Selective Electrodes, Rousseau, C. R.; Honig, M. L.; Bühlmann, Anal. Chem. 202294, 1143–50. Full text

Zhen, X.; Buhlmann, P.; Koester, S.; Nelson, J. “Chemical Sensors with Non-Covalent Electrostatic Surface Modification of Graphene”, US Patent 11,293,914 B2; patent issued April 5, 2022 

Ion-Selective Potentiometric Sensors with Silicone Sensing Membranes: A Review, Chen, X. V.; Bühlmann, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 202232, 100896. Full text

Recent Progress in the Development of Improved Reference Electrodes for Electrochemistry, Troudt, B. K.; Rousseau, C. R.; Dong, X. I. N.; Anderson, E. L.; Bühlmann, P. Anal. Sci. 2022, 38, 71–83. Full text

Solid-Contact pH Sensor with Covalent Attachment of Ionophore and Ionic Sites to a Poly(decyl methacrylate) Matrix, Choi, K.; Chen, X.; Buhlmann, P., Analytical Chemistry 2021, 93, 16899-16905. Full text

Zhen, X.; Buhlmann, P.; Koester, S.; Zhang, Y.; Nelson, J. “Chemical Sensors with Non-Covalent Surface Modification of Graphene”, US Patent 11,079,371 B2; patent issued August 3, 2021.

Potentiometric Sensors with Polymeric Sensing and Reference Membranes Fully Integrated into a Sample-Wicking Polyester Textile, Herrero, E.J., Bühlmann, P., Analysis and Sensing 20211, 188–195. Full text.

Easy-to-Make Capillary-Based Reference Electrodes with Controlled, Pressure-Driven Electrolyte Flow, Anderson, E., Troudt, B., Bühlmann, P., ACS Sensors  2021, 6, 2211–2217. Full text. 

Calibration-Free Potentiometric Sensing With Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes, Rousseau, C., Bühlmann, P., Trends in Anal. Chem2021, 140, 116277. Full text

Rethinking Graduate Recruitment Weekends in the Digital Age, Gavin, J. T.; Nguyen, A. G.; Plasek, E. E.; Stathopoulos, S. M.; Bühlmann, P.; Tonks, I. A.; Roberts, C. C., J. Chem. Ed. 202097, 2544–2555. Full text

Ultra-Clean Graphene Transfer using a Sacrificial Fluoropolymer Layer and Self-Assembled Monolayers, Su, Q.; Zhen, X. V.; Nelson, J.; Bühlmann, P.; Sherwood, G.; Koester, S., ACS Appl. Mat. Interfac. 20203, 11998–12007. Full text.

Fluorous-Phase Ion-Selective pH Electrodes: Electrode Body and Ionophore Optimization for Measurements in the Physiological pH Range, Chen, X.; Mousavi, M.; Bühlmann, P. ACS Omega 2020, 23(5), 13621–13629.

Reference Electrodes Based on Ionic Liquid Doped Reference Membranes with Biocompatible Silicone Matrixes, Chen, X; Stein, A.; Bühlmann, P. ACS Sensors, 20205(6),1717-1725.

Solid-Contact Ion-Selective and Reference Electrodes Covalently Attached to Functionalized Poly(ethylene terephthalate), Anderson, E,; Chopade, S.; Spindler, Brian; Stein, A.; Lodge, T.; Hillmyer, M.; Bühlmann, P,. Anal. Chem., 2020, 92(11), 7621–7629.

Critical Comparison of Reference Electrodes with Salt Bridges Contained in Nanoporous Glass with 5, 20, 50, and 100 nm Diameter Pores, Anderson, E. L., Troudt, B., Bühlmann, P. Analytical Sciences, 2020, 36(2), 187.



  Madeline and Emily passed their Oral Prelim Exams, earning their Masters Degrees and becoming PhD candidates. Great job! - January 2022

We are happy to host our visiting researcher Takumi Goto! Takumi is an M.Sc.student at the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan. He will be working with Eliza for 4 months on the project Two Dimensional Electroanalytical Sensor. Welcome, Takumi! - November 2021.  

The Buhlmann group is so happy to welcome our first year Kuzie on board! Welcome Kuzie! - November 2021

  Eliza's and Phil's recent paper Potentiometric Sensors with Polymeric Sensing and Reference Membranes Fully Integrated into a Sample-Wicking Polyester Textile got cover feature by Analysis & Sensing on their most recent issue. Click here to see how cool that cover feature looks! Great job Eliza and Phil!

  Welcome, Pal Kishonti to the Buhlmann group! Pali is a MSc student in the group of Dr. Lajos Höfler at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. He will spend the fall 2021 semester at the UMN, taking courses but also working in the Buhlmann lab working on a directed research project. Hope you have a great time with us!

  Congratulations to former group member Dr. Paul Boswell, who is now company owner of Spintronics, a puzzle game where players discover electronics in a tangible way, using the first physical representation of electronic circuits. Check out his video here!

  Congratulations to Eliza for winning the Paul and Gerda Gassman Award at the 3rd-year Graduate Research Symposium!

  Congratulations to Blair and Eliza for winning poster awards for the SEAC poster session at PittCon 2021!

  Welcome, Ali who joined the group and will be co-advised by Professor Marc Hillmyer! (Apr 2021)

  Vilma and Xin passed their Oral Prelim Exams, earning their Masters Degrees and becoming PhD candidates. Good job!

  Former group member Kangping Xiao just published a book entitled Analytical Scientists in Pharmaceutical Product Development: Task Management and Practical Knowledge. Nice job Kangping!

  Welcome, Madeline and Emily, who joined the group in Nov 2020!

  Eliza was featured in Chemistry and Engineering News Weekly as an ACS Scholar Alumna. Well done! Read more here.

  Congratulations to Blair for winning a poster award for the SEAC poster session at PittCon 2020!

  Celeste and Blair attend the first-ever Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry student group meeting at Pitt Con. They presented posters at PittCon2020, and Phil and Blair gave a talk. Good job!


Buhlmann group at the twin cities Fall Festival

Fall festival time for the Buhlmann Group!! So much fun! (October 2021)

buhlmann group at the lake 2021

Day at the lake in Shoreview! (August 2021)

Buhlmann Lab (socially distanced) Picnic! (Spring 2021)

Buhlmann Lab (socially distanced) Picnic! (Spring 2021)  

Successful group meeting on zoom!

Successful group meeting on zoom!

Buhlmann group paint night Feb. 2020

Buhlmann group paint night Feb. 2020

Happy Holidays from the Buhlmann Group!

Happy Holidays from the Buhlmann Group!

Group lake day. August, 2019

Group lake day. August, 2019

Xin's Thesis Defense

Buhlmann Group after Xin's thesis defense, July 2019

Evan Anderson Defense

Buhlmann Group after Evan's thesis defense, June 2019.

Buhlmann Group Axe Throwing

Group axe throwing event. January 2019

The Buhlmann Group defeats the escape room!

The Buhlmann Group conquered the escape room, July 2018. 

group photo 3

Group photo before Xue and Yao's graduation ceremony, May 2018.

group photo 2

Group meeting calendar

Fall 2021

Every Wednesday, 4-5:30 pm in Koltfhoff Hall

(Email Vilma for details: [email protected])

(Presenting sequence: Brian, Blair, Celeste, Eliza, Kwangrok, Casey, Xin, Vilma, Emily, Madeline, Ali)